Computer Science's Basics - Module BTI1021

Goals of this course

The students have seen the basics of computers, know the architecture of a computer. They know how to program basic functions in assembler. They know the programming in the C language. They know how pointers and reference work, arrays. They can program a basic C library and link it in another program.
This course is intended for all first year students of the Bachelor in Computer Science at the BFH-TI, and for students following the Master of forensics sciences at the University of Lausanne.


Classe I1B will be tought by Emmanuel Benoist [emmanuel.benoist (at)].


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • One Test (25%)
  • A written Exam during the examination weeks (75%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits and is part of the Qualification Group A.

Official description

The official description of this module can be found on the web site of the BFH-TI: This course is given in French (class I1b - see official schedule). Other colleagues give also this course in German.