Basics of Computer Science - Schedules

I1A and I1B (in Biel)

Official class schedules can be found on the web site of the BFH-TI:
Day Contents
Week 1 Presentation of the course and Counting in Bases (I)
Week 2 Counting in Bases (II)
Week 3 Computer Architecture and Memory structure
Week 4 Coding of numbers (negative, floats)
Week 5 Development process
Week 6 Programming in Assembler
Week 7 Bits and Branching
Week 8 Procedures
Week 9 Strings
Week 10 The basics of C language
Week 11 Control structures, loops, and I/O
Week 12 Functions and Libraries
Week 13 Pointers
Week 14 Struct, Data Files
Week 15 Additional Features
Week 16 Compilations