Web and Apps-Technologies - Module BTX8054

Goals of this course

The students can create a small web site written in PHP. They can connect to a database and have extended knowledge of some features of PHP. They know how to write an android application. They have programmed themeselves a small PHP web server and a small android application.
This course is intended for all second year students in medical informatics of the BFH-TI.
Official module description


Day Contents
22.02.2019Web and PHP
01.03.2019 PHP classes, forms, cookies and sessions
08.03.2019 PHP and DataBases
15.03.2019 Exercises in PHP
22.03.2019 Javascript,JSON
29.03.2019 Overview GWT, Ajax, Javascript HTML5, PHP framework, CSS
05.04.2019 Exercice: Recapitulative
12.04.2019 No course: visit at conhit (Berlin)
19.04.2019 No course: Karfreitag / Vendredi Saint
26.04.2019 Apps
10.05.2019 Apps
17.05.2019 Apps
24.05.2019 Apps
31.05.2019 No course: Auffahrt / Ascension
07.06.2018 Apps
14.06.2018 Apps


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • Two recapitulatory exercises, 1 in Web and 1 in App (25%)
  • A written Exam (75%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits.