Web and Apps-Technologies - Module BTX8054

Goals of this course

The students can create a small web site written in PHP. They can connect to a database and have extended knowledge of some features of PHP. They know how to write an android application. They have programmed themeselves a small PHP web server and a small android application.
This course is intended for all second year students in medical informatics of the BFH-TI.
Official module description


Day Contents
23.02.2018Web and PHP
02.03.2018 PHP classes, forms, cookies and sessions
09.03.2018 PHP and DataBases
16.03.2018 Exercises in PHP
23.03.2018 Javascript,JSON
30.03.2018 No course: Karfreitag / Vendredi Saint
06.04.2018 Overview GWT, Ajax, Javascript HTML5, PHP framework, CSS
13.04.2018 Exercice: Recapitulative
20.04.2018 No course: visit at conhit (Berlin)
27.04.2018 Apps
11.05.2018 No course: Auffahrt / Ascension
18.05.2018 Apps
25.05.2018 Apps
01.06.2018 Apps
08.06.2018 Apps
15.06.2018 Apps


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • Two recapitulatory exercises, 1 in Web and 1 in App (25%)
  • A written Exam (75%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits.