Computer Science's Basics - Module BTI1021

Goals of this course

The students have seen the basics of computers, know the architecture of a computer. They know how to program basic functions in assembler. They know the programming in the C language. They know how pointers and reference work, arrays. They can program a basic C library and link it in another program.
This course is intended for all first year students of the Bachelor in Computer Science at the BFH-TI.

Git repository for the course

All the resources (slides, exercises, examples) for this course are stored in the Git of the course (access is restricted to authenticated users in our system):
> git clone
Contains for each chapter 3 directories slides, examples, exercises.


Classe I1P will be tought by Emmanuel Benoist [emmanuel.benoist (at)].


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • One Test (25%)
  • A written Exam during the examination weeks (75%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits and is part of the Qualification Group A. This course is given in German. Other colleagues give also this course in French and German.