Network and Web Security 1 (module BTI-4203)

Goals of this course

This part of the course aims at providing a good overview of a major software security issues: Web Security.
The students will see the most dangerous web securities issues (for instance XSS, XRSF, SQL injection, ...). They know how such flows can be exploited and know how one can protect a site. They have experienced this attacks on example web sites.

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The specialisation courses are given on Fridays in Biel, 8:30 - 11:55 and 12:45 - 16:10.
Courses are taught by Hansjürg Wenger, Kai Brünnler, Emmanuel Benoist and Gerhard Hassenstein. The following schedule represents the courses of the Fall Term 2021-2022.
Day Contents
24.09.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
24.09.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
01.10.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
01.10.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
08.10.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
08.10.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
15.10.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
15.10.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
22.10.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
22.10.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
29.10.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
29.10.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
05.11.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
05.11.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
12.11.2021 (Morning)Hansjürg Wenger (BTI-4204)
12.11.2021 (Afternoon)Gerhard Hassenstein (BTI-4204)
19.11.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
19.11.2021 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist- Injections (BTI-4203)
26.11.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
26.11.2021 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist - Cross Site Scripting (BTI-4203)
03.12.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
03.12.2021 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist- Broken Access Control (BTI-4203)
10.12.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
10.12.2021 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist- Broken authentication (BTI-4203)
17.12.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
17.12.2021 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist - Sensitive Data Exposure (BTI-4203)
24.12.2021 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
24.12.2021 (Afternoon) No course: Free afternoon
31.12.2021 (Morning) No course: Weihnachtsferien / Vacances de Noel
31.12.2021 (Afternoon) No course: Weihnachtsferien / Vacances de Noel
07.01.2022 (Morning) No course: Weihnachtsferien / Vacances de Noel
07.01.2022 (Afternoon) No course: Weihnachtsferien / Vacances de Noel
14.01.2022 (Morning)Kai Bünnler (BTI-4203)
14.01.2022 (Afternoon)Emmanuel Benoist - Audit-Methodology and Risk Analysis (BTI-4203)
21.01.2022 (Morning) No course: Finaltag
21.01.2022 (Afternoon) No course: Finaltag


This module is part of the module BTI-4203 "Pa" module. Students will pass a written exam (120 minutes for only XML-security and Web-Security (parts taught by E. Benoist and K. Brünler)). This module gives 4 ECTS credits and is part of the Qualification Group C.
This course is also an optional module of the Master of Digital Forensics of the Unil. It counts for 3 ECTS. This module is examinated with an oral exam of 20 minutes.