Web Security
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Web Security - Module Description

Goal of the course

The students know the most important vulnerabilities for Web Sites on the Internet, such as for their users. The students have an overview of possible actions to prevent such vulnerabilities. They can name most of the basic vulnerabilities and know what they consist of.

Content of the course

Each of the chapters is compose of a theoretical part, and of a practical part. In this part, the students will try on an example application the different techniques presented during the course.
The student

Modalities of the Exam


The students must know the basic concepts of Web Programming (HTML, Form, what is Javascript). They also have already used one language of programming specific for Web (PHP, ASP .NET, Java Servlet, etc.)


The following books can be bought, but are also freely available for download. They are part of the Opensource Web Application Security Project (OWASP).
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