Advanced Web Techno., Examples

How to install examples (Download VM, install in Eclipse, ...).

Servlets (sept 20, 2016) A very simple HelloWorld and login servlet.
Once deployed, it is accessible on the URL http://localhost:8080/servlet-exemple-bie1/.

Java Server Faces

JSF in Action (September 27, 2016) : A web page where you have to type "Emmanuel" as a user name.
Once deployed it is installed on the following URL localhost:8080/helloboss2.0/

JSL Life Cycle (October 4, 2016)
Once installed and deployed on your localhost, it should be accessible under the following URL localhost:8080/myFaces2.0/

Facelets and component tree

Login application using the internationalization (i18n)
Once deployed on your server, you can test it at the following URL: localhost:8080/logini18n2.0/
Facelets, download the zip of the examples :
Once deployed, this project is available for testing at the following URL:http://localhost:8080/facelets2.0/

Ajax and JSF

Small program using Ajax:
Once installed, this project is available for testing at the following URL:http://localhost:8080/ajax2.0/
Example coming from IBM: developerworks by

Web Security

Example of an application that is easy to be hacked. You can download tha application, install it and hack-it by yourself.
  • Application for testing security Guest Book
  • Cross site scripting - XSS examples
  • Cross site request forgery - CSRF
  • Injection Flows