Exercise Servlet

Install your development environment

First step is to download the example servletHelloworld.zip and to install it. Follow the instructions given in the example section :installation instructions.

Write your own servlet

Write a servlet that makes the mean for a given student. One types each mark after the other. One page contain two text fields: mark, coefficient, one button "add" and a button "Compute Average mark".

Mark = ECTS Coefficient =

When it is over, we just have to click "Compute Average Mark". Each Mark is affected of a coefficient. You will use the forms to get informations and the Session to store the data. (you can use the HelloWorld file as an example)
You should also update the file web/WEB-INF/web.xml such that it points to the new class. (you should copy what was done with helloWorld)
You have to use the Tomcat Manager to restart your application each time you deploy a new version of your servlets.