Web Programming - Module 7054


(for the 3rd of June 2014) Write an application for storing safe passwords.

Goals of this course

The students can create a small web site written in PHP. They can connect to a database and have extended knowledge of some features of PHP.
Moreover they have seen the basics of the HTTP protocol. They understand the concepts of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript.
This course is intended for all second year students in computer science of the BFH-TI.


Day Contents
18.02.2014Presentation of the course +
Basics of HTML and CSS
18.02.2014 Exercise: Install Xampp and HTML
25.02.2014 Basics of the PHP syntax (I)
Variables, loops, if/then/else, ...
25.02.2014 Basics of the PHP Syntax (II)
OO Programming
04.03.2014 Exercises : Basics
Bubble Sort (or quick sort)
(Self study)
04.03.2014 Exercises : Basics
Timer class
(Self study)
11.03.2014 Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
11.03.2014 Exercise HTTP
18.03.2014 Web and PHP (I)
Forms Cookies and sessions
18.03.2014 Exercises: Web and PHP
Forms Cookies and Sessions
25.03.2014 MySQL ((Re-)Introduction to SQL syntax)
25.03.2014 Exercises MySQL
01.04.2014 PHP and MySQL
PhpMyAdmin, mysql, mysqli, Pear DB library
01.04.2014 Exercises PHP and MySQL (II)
08.04.2014 Miscellaneous (I)
FPDF (generate PDF), GD (generate images)
08.04.2014 Miscellaneous (II)
Authorization, Templates and Web Services
Exercises Miscellaneous
15.04.2014 No course: Osterferien / vacances de paques
15.04.2014 No course: Osterferien / vacances de paques
22.04.2014 Mini-project (I)
22.04.2014 Mini-project (II)
29.04.2014 Mini-project (III) - question session
29.04.2014 Mini-project (IV)
06.05.2014 Mini-project (V)
06.05.2014 Mini-project (VI)
13.05.2014 PHP and RegExp
Course and Exercises
13.05.2014 Exercice Reg Ex
20.05.2014 HTML and Cascading Style Sheets
20.05.2014 Exercises HTML + CSS
27.05.2014 JavaScript
27.05.2014 Test of Mini-projects + Exercises JavaScript
03.06.2014 JavaScript for OO developers and HTML5
03.06.2014 Exercise JavaScript Object Oriented
10.06.2014Exam (90mn)


This module is a "E" module. The mark has two components:
  • A "not so small" project (50%)
  • A written Exam during the semester (50%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits and is part of the Qualification Group A.

Software Requirements

  • You can download one single package containing all the programs required for this course: Xampp by SourceForge
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • PhpMyAdmin
    • Perl
    • etc.
  • If you want to see syntax highlighting for .phps files.
    You have to change the file xampp/etc/httpd.conf: Replace
    # since LAMPP 1.0RC1
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4
    # since LAMPP 1.0RC1
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4
    AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
  • The place where you may find this configuration may be somewhere else, for instance in extra/httpd-xampp.conf.