Grundlagen der Informatik, Med Inf - Module BTX8060

Goals of this course

The students have acquired basic knowledge in Computer Science. They know how numbers are encoded. They know how characters are encoded and also how to encode binary data. They know the principles of compression. They know the basics of cryptography.
This course is intended for first year students in medical informatics of the BFH-TI.
Official module description
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Day Contents
Sept. 23, 2021History
Sept. 30, 2021Architecture
Oct. 7, 2021Hexadecimal notation
Oct. 14, 2021Negative integers, 2's complement notation
Oct. 21, 2021IEEE754 Float notation
Oct. 28, 2021 The Unix World (I)
Nov. 4, 2021The Unix World (II)
Nov. 11, 2021Presentation of tests + Test 1
Nov. 18, 2021 No course: Blockwoche
Nov. 25, 2021Encoding of text files (accents, special chars) I
Dec. 2, 2021Encoding of text files (accents, special chars) II
Dec. 9, 2021Lossless compression
Dec. 16, 2021Lossy compression of images and videos
Dec. 23, 2021Test 2 + Symetric cryptography
Dec. 30, 2021 No course: Weihnachtenferien
Jan. 6, 2022 No course: Weihnachtenferien
Jan. 13, 2022 Asymetric cryptography
Jan. 20, 2022 PKI


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • Two small tests (30 minutes each), (35%)
  • A written Exam (65%)
This module gives 2 ECTS credits.