Operating System - Module BTI1341

Goals of this course

The students have acquired a good knowledge of how an Operating System (OS) works. They have hunderstood how the main component of the OS work and what they are for. They know how CPU can be shared between different processes or threads. They know how memory can be shared and how Virtual memory is working. They know also how the memory is stored on the hard disk. They also understand how data are stored on hardware.
This course is intended for first year students in computer science of the BFH-TI.
Official communication can be found in the Moodle page for the module.


Day Contents
03.10.2022Memory 1
07.10.2022Memory 1
10.10.2022Memory 2
14.10.2022Memory 2
17.10.2022Memory 3
21.10.2022Memory 3
24.10.2022Concurrency 1
28.10.2022Concurrency 1
31.10.2022Concurrency 2
04.11.2022Concurrency 2
07.11.2022Concurrency 3
11.11.2022Concurrency 3
14.11.2022 No course: Block Week
19.11.2022 No course: Block Week
21.11.2022Concurrency 4
25.11.2022First Lab
28.11.2022Persistence 1
02.12.2022Persistence 1
05.12.2022Persistence 2
09.12.2022Persistence 2
12.12.2022Persistence 3
16.12.2022Persistence 3
19.12.2022Lab (second part)
23.12.2022Lab (second part)
26.12.2022 No course: Holydays
30.12.2022 No course: Holydays
02.01.2023 No course: Holydays
06.01.2023 No course: Holydays
09.01.2023Persistence 4
13.01.2023Persistence 4
16.01.2023Reserve + Discussion
20.01.2023Reserve + Discussion


This module is a "Pb" module. The mark has two components:
  • A lab exercise, (25%)
  • A written Exam (75%)
This module gives 4 ECTS credits.